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I was born in the ‘happy days’ of the 50’s and raised in Southern California during the ‘turbulent’ and ‘counter cultural 60’s’.  In the roaring 70’s I completed high school, college and got married.  We began having our four children in the booming 80’s and 90’s.  In the 21st century we moved to Cambria to Pastor the Vineyard Christian Fellowship church. In addition to being a Pastor I’ve had a variety of career and job experiences that include: Cable T. V. Line Technician,  Insurance Adjuster,  and Spacecraft Track Controller  at  J. P. L.  As far as hobbies go—in  addition to reading, camping and hiking, I enjoy outings with my family and an occasional game of chess.


A bit of history…

We have been Vineyard pastors since 1980 with a BA degree in Christian Ministry. During our years in ministry we planted two Vineyard churches in California; one being the Cambria Vineyard where we are serving now. The other was the Concord Vineyard in the bay area. After sending out and visiting missionaries on the field, our hearts were stirred to go and offer them pastoral care. So we then moved to Europe in 2000 for cross cultural training and lived in France near Geneva Switzerland, working at a debriefing center for missionaries. Over that decade we traveled through Africa, the Middle East and Europe providing pastoral care and debriefing for workers and leading mission team retreats. Currently our roles here are for spiritual care and formation of men and women. Our desire is to mentor, coach and release others in to their God given gifts to serve Him and the world around. Daniel is an enthusiastic preacher of the heart and Denise a women of worship and the arts.


I started teaching in Sunday School by helping my mom when I was in Jr. High in 1968 and I’ve kept it up since then.  Anything to do with kids and teaching and I’m happily using the gifts God gave me.  I started teaching here at the Vineyard when we were on Bridge Street back in 1995. Before that I was the children’s ministry director at Cambria Presbyterian Church.  One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11.  I enjoy helping kids get to know God and His good and hopeful plans for their lives too.  My hobbies include anything outdoors; kayaking, riding a horse, gardening, hiking or skiing.


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Noah started helping in youth ministry in the late 80s when he was barely out of high school himself. Music and worship have always been a big part of his ministry. In 1999 he married Jennifer. The two of them have been ministering through music and with youth since the late 90s, and specifically for the Vineyard (in Lancaster, CA) since 2003. A big part of their ministry there was for the youth, so it was natural for them to step into the roles of youth and worship leaders soon after moving to Cambria and finding a home at CVC. They are often assisted by their daughter Dahlia.